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England. c. 1910. Signed Louis Wain.

Prague, 1912. Signed Alphonse Mucha. Bohemian Heart Charities.

U.S. 1968. Majel Roddenberry as Head Nurse Christine Chapel and other officers on bridge of Federation Starship U.S.S. Enteprise NCC-1701.

France. 1916. "That nurse is drinking all our tincture of iodine."

England c. 1912.

England, C. 1940. Minnie Mouse as Voluntary Aid Detachment nurse. Note: This image is Disney Publications and cannot be reproduced without permission from the Disney Corporation.

U.S., c. 1912. Male Nurses, Dixmont, PA.

Italy. c. 1935

Bavaria, c. 1920. Princess Margarethe of Thurn und Taxis.

France, 1914. Hand-painted by WWI hospital patient.

England c. 1910.

Japan, 1996. Signed Trevor Brown. "Doll Hospital."

New Orleans, 1916. National Organization of Nurses of the U.S.

Netherlands, l932. "Deny Support. The Red Cross and Military are One!"

United States. 1951.

U.S. c. 1950. Conjoined twins.

France, c.1916. Signed Alberto Martini. "German Trophy." (Edith Cavell.)

Italy c. 1935. Signed G. Nanni.

Italy. 1916. Signed Marcello Dudovich

Belgium. c. 1912.

Germany, III Reich, 1936. Adolf Hitler and Red Cross Nurse.

Italy. 1935.

Japan, 1910. Anglo-Japanese Exposition, London.

Belgium. 1916.

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