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The Most Fascinating Book On Nursing Ever Published

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Chosen as the Nursing Book of the Year by the American Journal of Nursing.
Recipient of the Chief Army Nurse Corps Medal of Excellence.

Postcards of Nursing presents artistic and photographic interpretions of nursing across all major aspects of twentieth century culture, from 1893 through 2002. The United States is featured, and 70 other countries are represented.

Authored by Michael Zwerdling, RN, an ER and hospice nurse and expert in historical graphics, Postcards of Nursing contains over 600 full-color images, selected from the most extensive and significant collection of nursing-related postcards ever assembled.  

One can't open this book without being amazed.   Readers are frequently astonished by what they find, so great is the difference between what they find versus what they had expected.   Unless you have the book in hand, itís hard to imagine the visual impact.

As a special gift to a special nurse, this book is unbeatable.

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NEWS: The National Library of Medicine has created an exhibit of the postcards used in this book.

NLM Exhibit

Sorry, I'm personally sold out and the book is out of print.   If you'd like a copy, you'll have to get it online from a third party seller.   If you have any questions, comments or requests, please send me an email.    ~Z.

"I am most impressed with the breadth and substance of the writing.   So many points have been highlighted, little known facts discovered, and interesting pieces of history made clear."   ~History of Nursing Archives, Boston University.

"You'll find drama, history, whimsy, and yes, romance, all of it eye-catching.   Postcards of Nursing explores new territory and holds as much interest for the general public as it does for the international nursing community."   ~American Journal of Nursing.

"The book is beautifully printed and fascinating just to spend time with. If you have any interest in nursing or medical work you will love it.   Even if not, there is a universality about these images which everyone can respond to in some way."   ~Charlotte Zeepvat, Royalty Digest.

"A book that inspires not only nurses in the profession, but also men and women who may be considering becoming nurses."  ~NurseWeek

"There could be few more powerful voices touting the virtues and rewards of the nursing profession than Michael Zwerdling's"  ~Vermont Quarterly

"We are a profession like no other profession.   No other profession is depicted as we are.   Postcards of Nursing shows us in a light most people have never seen."  ~Iowa Nurse

"Such is the wealth of illustration and information that you cannot but be richer, happier, and healthier when you've digested this work."   ~Picture Postcard Monthly.

Gallery of Images

Contents, Excerpts, Author's Comments

The ZNA specializes in rare art and photographic postcards, selected for historic significance, artistic composition, and condition, dating from 1893 to 2009, related to the nursing profession worldwide.  The primary functions of the ZNA have been to preserve these images and to make them accessible to the nursing profession and to those associated with it.  As such, the ZNA is proud to announce the recent acquisition of the Archives, in its entirety, by the National Library of Medicine in Washington, DC.   This insures that the original postcards will be available to all interested parties for generations to come.   The ZNA maintains scans of the images and licenses them for commercial use.  Services are offered gratis to individuals doing research in the history of nursing.

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